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Xyz Company is the leading producer of boring.

If you go to Google and look up leading companies of something you'll find you're one of ten million or thereabouts. Not such a good phrase, eh? Winsome web sites are friendly to search engines because they have easily categorized content. Not all companies can lead, so its helpful to have some other other compelling content to speak to what it is your web site does.

Scrolling your stock price or national headlines really don't make your web site compelling. Providing relevant content does. Your organization is already the expert on what your oganization does. Providing unique insight, news, information, and services makes your web site the one source to turn to. It kind of gets us back to being a leader again with out saying it.

We'll work with you on identifying what will work, who it should speak to and why. Check out some of our handy tips on unique and traffic building content.

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